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Buy a company name, domain, and logo. Every brand starts with a company name so take your time to choose the right brandable name for your business. Since every serious company in today’s world should have a website, we solve 3 issues at the same time (company name, domain, and logo).

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A very powerful and energetic name. Some of its uses: A music-related service, a mobile game, a marketing company, or ...
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4 letter names are really memorable and fun to use for your company. You can actually use it to any ...
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The name is catchy and memorable to help you build a strong brand. It fits great to these industries: fashion, ...
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A short brandable name for any business. Inquire How Does Domain Ownership Transfer Work? 1.)You can visit the domain name ...
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A great name that brings images of a cookware brand, restaurant chain, or any type of site related to food ...
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For all the kinds of startups. Imagine that you can build the new uber! Inquire How Does Domain Ownership Transfer ...
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A name that promotes a dynamism. It fits great to financial services companies, management consulting, or even for a cool ...
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Music or fashion company name

It can be used for a shiny brand related to music or fashion! Inquire How Does Domain Ownership Transfer Work? ...
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This name inspires confidence and strength of character. It would be a perfect fit for the fashion and self-development industries ...
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A great name for any financial services related company. Inquire How Does Domain Ownership Transfer Work? 1.)You can visit the ...
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A serious and authoritative name that is tied related to trustworthy brands. Technology seems the best fit here. Some of ...
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A name that promotes calmness, joy and peace. It would be ideal for any health,beauty or travel company. Inquire How ...
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Ideal company name for a news channel, a newspaper, or a magazine. It fits great with politics or a human ...
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A name related to a healthy lifestyle. Some possible use cases can be a restaurant, a beverage brand, an order ...
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A positive name that suggests a great experience. It is ideal for the travel, entertainment, or outdoor industry. Inquire How ...
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A great memorable and funny name for so many use cases. Some examples can be: A music-related firm, a community-based ...
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Brand names feedback (6 quick questions)

Created by Dionysios Alexopoulos

Brand Names Feedback

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Do you like any of the company names above, if yes which one?

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If you like a name what stops you from buying?

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What is your industry?

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What is the maximum amount of money (in US dollars) you can offer for your ideal name?

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Domain Names Stats

Around 80% of startups prefer to use a .com for their domain! Around 70% of startups choose a real word or a combination of real words for their domains. The rest 30% of startups choose a creative, unique, and invented company name.

More than 90% of startups choose 1 or 2 words combinations for their company names! More than 80% of startups choose a domain of 11 characters maximum!

Here is the detailed post with the survey I did:

Startup Naming Trends Statistics

Key takeaways from the post and the stats:

.com is still the king of all the domain name extension and the trend seems that will remain for years.In general, a shorter version of a company name seems a popular choice.Companies are open to brandable names even if they don’t directly reveal their industry or they don’t contain some commercially intent keywords.

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