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Should You Choose .Com, .In Or .Co.In (Differences,Pros,Cons)?

.com vs .in vs domain

You are going to launch a new website and you live in India but you are not sure if you should buy a .com, .in, or domain. Your choice really depends on your audience and your long terms goals.… Read the rest

Is .Shop Domain Any Good (.Shop vs .Com) ?

You are exploring possible domain names for your new e-commerce site. You realize that .com domains are usually taken or very expensive. So you see a domain extension such as .shop as an alternative.

So, should you use a .shop … Read the rest

Should I Buy A Domain Through Shopify Or Godaddy (Pros/Cons)?

You are setting up your Shopify store but you are not sure if you should buy a domain through Shopify, GoDaddy, or other domain registrars. This is a usual question so I will present to you all the pros and … Read the rest

Can You Use .org For A Business (Pros/Cons, Real Examples)?

.org domain for a business

You are starting a new company and you want to build a website. You are thinking that a .org domain might be a choice but you don’t run a non-profit.

So, can you use a .org domain as a business? … Read the rest