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Ηοw Do Search Engines like Google Make Money?

We all use Google and other search engines daily to find useful information and websites online.

We can use their services for free but how do they make money? They make money by showing ads related to the keywords the Read the rest

Why Do Websites End in .com

You have noticed that most websites end in .com but why does that happen? We will explain what does .com means at the end of a website.

So, why do websites end in .com? Websites end in .com because it Read the rest

Why and When Does it Take 60 days to Transfer a Domain Name

Why do you have to wait 60 days to transfer a domain

Sometimes you want to transfer your domain name to different registrar because you are unhappy with their services or you found a better price elsewhere. But when you try to transfer your domain you realize that you need to wait … Read the rest

Do Domain Names Increase in Value (and for What Reasons)?

A regular question related to domain names is if their value increases over time.

So, do domain names increase in value? Yes, domains can increase in value over time. The factors that can make domains more valuable are: Web Traffic,Read the rest