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.xyz Domain (Meaning, Price, Safety, SEO, Popularity)

You are probably familiar with domains ending in .com, .net, or a local extension (.fr, .de) but what happens when you see a .xyz domain? Is this top-level domain an alternative to .com or just not good enough?

I will … Read the rest

How Do I get All URLs From A Website (No Coding Needed)

Extracting urls from a website is a common issue, especially for the bigger ones. People might want to extract all the urls from their site because they want to move to a different domain. Another reason is that they might … Read the rest

How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugins (8 Ways)

Your WordPress site is slow and you want to increase its speed but without adding multiple plugins. This is possible and I will guide you step by step how you can do it.

Ideally, you might want just 1 plugin … Read the rest

Static Vs Dynamic Website (Meaning, Examples, Differences)

You have heard about static and dynamic websites but you don’t have a clue what that means. I will explain with simple terms and examples of how these 2 types of websites are different.

The majority of today’s sites are Read the rest