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Here you can buy a company name (with domain name) for your new business or startup.There are many cool company names for you to choose from.


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Where Are The Websites Stored?

We visit websites every day but we probably don’t know where this data comes from and where it is stored. Data like images, videos or the text included in a web page.

So where the information on the internet and … Read the rest

Why Do Domain Names Cost Money (detailed explanation)

Why do we pay for domains

A usual question about domain names is why do we need to pay for them. I had the same question when I first started building websites.

So, Why do domain names cost money? Domain names cost money because we pay … Read the rest

Where and How to Buy Free Domain Name and Quality Hosting (Cost,Steps,Benefits)

Buy domain name and hosting with hostinger

For everyone that wants to start a website, he needs to buy a domain name and hosting. The problem is that there are many hosting providers around and it is hard to make a decision.

I will share with you … Read the rest

Web Page vs Website vs Home Page (What are the Differences?)

When you hear for the first time words such as web page or website seems hard to understand their difference since it seems to have a similar meaning. I had the same question when I started to search how I … Read the rest