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Here you can buy a company name (with domain name) for your new business or startup.There are many cool company names for you to choose from.


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What Happens When a Domain Expires? (with timeline)

What is happening after a domain expires

If you don’t already know it domain names expire after some time. It is a usual case that you might forget to renew a domain name and that happened to me in the past too. You probably wonder what happens … Read the rest

Can You Buy a Domain Name With One Company and Host With Another?

Domain and hosting elsewhere

Many people are thinking if it is possible to buy a domain from one company and host it elsewhere. It’s a usual question if that is possible and i had the same question some years ago when i started building … Read the rest

How Long is Too Long for a Domain? (with detailed statistics)

When a domain is too long

If you are about to buy a domain you are not probably sure how long it should be. I had the same question when I was at the beginning of buying domains for my new websites.

So, how long is … Read the rest

How to Buy a Domain Name Even if you are a Total Beginner (with pictures + 1 extra tip to save money)

Why Do You Need a Domain Name

A domain name is the first thing you need to have to build a website. Either if you are already the owner of an existing company and you want a site for it … Read the rest