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Here you can buy a company name (with domain name) for your new business or startup.There are many cool company names for you to choose from.


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Can You Buy a Domain Name Forever (+What Are Your Options)?

You might want to buy a domain name for your new website but you don’t see an option to buy it permanently. The first question that comes to your mind is why you don’t see that option available.

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How Domain Registration Works (step by step)

If you recently bought a domain name then one of your questions might be how domain registration really works.

Here is a real example of a .com domain name registration:

We will explain each step in every detail:

1.)Registrant Tries

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Domain Name vs Email vs IP Address (see the differences)

Some terms related to the web have some similarities but they don’t mean the same thing. A domain name, an email and an IP address can be a confusing task to separate them.

Domain NameIP AddressEmail
Unique string
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Difference Between Domain and Server (all you need to know)

Difference between domain and server

Some technical terms like a domain name or a server are closely related but they are not the same. Let’s discuss some differences and some unique characteristics each term has:

Domain NameServer
It is like the address of a
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