Brandable Company Names and Domains For Any Industry

30 Good Domain Names Examples And What Makes Them Great

You are about to choose your domain name for your new website but you are not sure if you will do the right choice. What does it really consider as a good domain name? I created a list of 30 domain names and why I think they are great ones.

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Hopefully, the list will help you with your decision too. So, here are the 30 good domains I promised (the order is random):

Backlinko is a seo (search engine marketing) company and the name comes from “backlink”. This is what backlink means for those that don’t know: “It is a link created when one website links to another” and it is an important concept of SEO.

By adding a vowel at the end of this word, they create a memorable domain name. It is a good practice to add letters such as a,o, i,y at the end of a popular keyword of your industry. That way you create a unique brand and domain name.

ShipMonk is an e-commerce order fulfillment software. I like this domain because there is a keyword (ship) that is related to the targeting industry and an unexpected second word (monk). Although it seems that these 2 words are not related, the combination sticks to your mind. It isn’t necessary to hear this brand twice to memorize the name.

InstaFuel is a fuel management software. I really like the combination of 2 short words for domain names. Insta is indicating something that quickly is produced and fuel is a keyword tied related to the clients of the company. So, a positive word in front or after your main keyword can work well for creating catchy domain names.

Another catchy combination of 2 short words that are easy to remember. The total length of the domain aside .com is just 9 letters and it is considered very good. GrocerKey is an e-commerce platform that helps normal retailers to go digital.

INTL FCStone Inc. changed its name to StoneX since it is much more pronounceable and easy to remember. A usual word such as stone followed by “X” which symbolizes the X factor > a noteworthy special talent or quality. So, adding just one additional letter to popular words that leads to a decent pronunciation is always a good choice.

The domain name of this popular social media is a byproduct of pure inspiration. The name came from the founder’s (Ben Silbermann) wife when she was watching tv! It is a combination of “pin” and “interest”. This example is great for generating future domain name ideas.

As you see the first word (pin) ends with “in” and the second one starts with the same letters (interest). If you can think 2 words with a similar pattern that are related to your industry or they are catchy then you can create a great domain.

The 2 words for this domain have a great synergy and they lead to a just 6 letters name! Rad means an excellent person or thing and it is also a unit of energy, related to radiation. So, it is important to choose words that have a positive meaning.

RadPay is a revolutionary card payment processing that is blockchain-based.

iRise helps companies to build better software by using an innovative prototyping process. The domain is catchy, short and it is actually a real phase: “i rise”. Sometimes “i” refers to internet too when companies use it for online services or products.

Expedia is a very well know travel brand with thousands of employees. You will suprised if you find out that the domain cost only around 10$! It is a modification of the combination “exploration” and “speed”. It is a good idea to start playing with various combinations of 2 words until you reach to a domain that is pronounceable and with an underlying meaning.

Arteza is providing art & crafts supplies and they have selected a domain around the “art”. They created a catchy domain with only 6 letters. Using a short keyword that is related to your brand and trying different endings can lead to a good result.

A test that you can do in those cases is trying to say your domain loud once to a person that is on the other part of the room. If he writes the name correctly to a piece of paper by hearing it just once then you probably made a good choice.

Yieldstreet helps you build a passive income by investing in alternative opportunities. They incorporate the term “yield” which represents the goal of their business with a usual word such as “street”. They probably chose street as the second word with the underline meaning that they can safely navigate you on the goal (better yield).

GoProto helps companies to manufacture their products and they specialize in rapid prototyping. For the domain, we see the word “go” which is a very popular prefix along with “proto” which means original or primitive and we can consider it as an abbreviation of the prototyping.

So the company chose to use a shorter version of a keyword that describes their main expertise. “Go” is an energetic and positive prefix that you can use in multiple cases.

Sedera is a solution for managing large healthcare costs and the domain doesn’t seem to have a particular meaning. Despite that fact, the name is only 6 characters long and 2 syllables contain the same letter (e). It is a visually nice name that you don’t need to hear it twice to remember it.

So, it is good practice that when you create an invented word you should keep it as short as possible. People will not be familiar with that newly created word so it is better to make their lives easier.

Frubana is a south-American startup that revolutionizes the way the agro supply chain works. I assume that their name comes from “fruit” and maybe “banana”. In any case, having a domain with 7 letters and with the same vowel (a) in 2 syllables makes it nicer for the ears.

Pathrise is an online mentorship program that helps tech-savvy employees to change job position. The domain makes sense since it suggests that your working career (path) will improve (rise) by using the platform. Once again a combination of 2 words that have a good synergy can create a great domain.

WeRecover helps you find the best addiction recovery centers based on your issues. It is a usual practice to use i, you, we before a verb for some domains. In that case, “we” has a very positive meaning since it fits perfectly with the goal of the platform.

Bombora is a provider of B2B data for sales and marketing purposes. Bombora is actually a word in Australian slang that means: “an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area such as a submerged rock shelf, reef, or sand bank that is located some distance from the shoreline and beach surf break”.

It is a good idea to use words from different languages even from “dead” ones such as Latins or ancient Greeks. If you can pronounce them easily why don’t try to find some word like bombora?

Apptopia provides useful data for every mobile app and developer around the world. The domain was created by the combination of “app” and “utopia”. For those that don’t know utopia is a place that doesn’t really exist and where everything is perfect.

LoveWithFood is a snack-subscription service that delivers healthy food each month. I usually don’t like domains with more than 2 words but if they make sense and you can really remember the phrase then it is good to use.

In that case, the domain is a phrase that we can use in real life so it is easier to use as a brand name.

Mobomo designs websites and apps with a specialty on mobile design. The domain is a catchy derivative of mobile. I really like the 3 os since they provide a playful tone for this domain. This name is only 6 characters long and it is great for a brand name.

Blend360 is a tech-savvy marketing company. The blend has the underlining meaning that they are mixing many different approaches. The same goal is achieved with 360 which represents 360 degrees and the meaning is that the company is targeting every aspect of marketing.

I am not a fan of numbers in domains but you can use some meaningful ones like 24 (represents 24 hours), 7 (represents the days of the week), or 360 (represents the 360 degrees of a circle). Of course, there are other examples of meaningful numbers but those 3 are the most obvious ones.

Epicurious is a popular site with recipes and cooking tips for many different meals. The domain is a combination of “epic” and “curious” but they drop the second c. It is a clever hack that creates a catchy domain name.

Finance 101 is a site that advises people for everything related to personal finance. The 101 (“one-o-one”) is another meaningful number and it is used for introductory courses at a beginner’s level. is a very popular site that creates visual step-by-step guides for every subject. Since all their guides start like how to do that… , it makes sense to create a domain around this concept. There are also many co-authors for each post that’s why they use the term “wiki”= “a website or database developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

Salesforce is the most well-known CRM (Customer relationship management) platform with over 10000 employees. The domain is a 2 words name with a very strong second keyword “force”. This is another good example of how you can create a strong domain. You can use one keyword that describes directly or indirectly your main business and find a good second word that has good synergy.

You all probably know what is and how successful that site is. I am a fan of 4 letters .com and especially, in that case, we are dealing with a pronounceable one. In some cases, you can use 4 letters as initials too but I like better the direction that followed.

Sentar is a cyber-intelligence firm and it is doing business for nearly 30 years. I found out that sentar means “sit” in Portuguese so as i said earlier is good to explore foreign words that are easily pronounceable.

TallWave is a customer experience design company and i really like the domain name. I have read that people remember better things that are tied to an image. This name describes a great visual image and it is really hard to forget the domain.

Shopify is a very popular e-commerce platform with millions of users all over the world. We see that the domain name is just shop + a popular ending such as -ify. It doesn’t seem to have a particular meaning so the company just tried to create a catchy pronounceable name around the keyword “shop”.

Engagio is an account-based marketing/engagment platform. The owners did a clever hack for the domain and they adjust the word ‘engage’. The ending -io is really popular amongst domain names and provides a funny sound.