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.com Domain Advantages And Disadvantages (All You Need To Know)

Benefits And Disadvantages Of A .com Domain

You are about to start a website and you listen that .com extension is the number 1 option for a domain name. But why people suggest using a .com domain? I will explain in detail all the benefits of having Read more…

Should You Buy All Your Domain Name Extensions/Variations?

Domain Name Extensions/Variation/Misspellings Should i buy them

You just registered your main domain but you are not sure if you should buy the other extensions (.net, .org, .info, etc) or close variations for your domain so you can protect your brand. So, should you buy all your Read more…

What Services Web Hosting Companies Provide (Detailed List)

services provided by web hosting companies

You are trying to create a website and everyone suggests that you need to buy web hosting services from a company. So, what do these web hosting providers actually do and what kind of services they provide? If you just Read more…

Startup Naming Trends (Domains,Length,Words Count,Suffixes,Prefixes)

Startup Naming and Domains Trends Statistics

Naming a startup can be a challenging task. It would be better if you already knew what other startups currently do and how they chose a catchy name. I analyzed more than 2000 startup names and their domains to reach Read more…