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Do Domain Names Increase in Value (and for What Reasons)?

A regular question related to domain names is if their value increases over time.

So, do domain names increase in value? Domains can increase in value over time. The factors that can make domains more valuable are: Web Traffic, Domain Age, Quality links to the domain, Industry growth, and Scarcity of good domains in certain categories.

We will examine all those reasons in detail and present also some additional ones that affect domain names value in general.

What Makes A Domain Name Valuable?

Web Traffic

Web traffic is the number one reason that can contribute to a big increase in a domain’s value. More traffic for potential buyers means that they can sell their products or services to more people or getting more ad revenue. The kind of traffic is important too, traffic from countries like the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom has more value.

Domain Age

The age of a domain name is sometimes an indicator that has good value. There is an on-going debate if a domain that is many years old has a positive impact on Google rankings when you actually create a website. The reality is that if you manage to register a brand new domain name with the usual price (10$-15$) now most probably it will not have good reselling value. Domains exist for decades and the majority of the good domain names are already owned by individuals or companies.

Quality Links

When reputable sites point to a certain domain that can help to increase search engine rankings and make the domain more valuable. For example, consider that a big news site links back to your domain. Of course, you need to have a live site created with that domain (or you used to have in the past).

Industry Growth

When a new industry arises or a current one has grown, the domains with keywords related to the industry rise in price. A good example is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some years ago this industry didn’t even exist but now the domains with related keywords are very expensive.

In general domains with keywords related to finance, insurance, health, online services, legal services, and real estate tend to have bigger value than the rest.


Sometimes the lack of a certain category of domains can increase their value over time. Domains that contained only 3 letters with any combination increased their value when all were already registered at some point and sites started to use them.

If you were clever or lucky enough and registered a domain like that early then you had the chance to gain a great return to your initial investment.

Domain Extension

A .com domain with the same keyword as some extension like .net .org etc has at least 10x more value. It is the domain extension with the most registrations and the most trusty one to the eyes of internet users.

Advertising Cost in Different Search Engines or Social Media

Big or smaller companies that use search engines like google or social media like Facebook for their advertising efforts spend their budget based on the clicks they get or the impressions (how many people see the ad).

If the industry is competitive and a lot of companies bid for certain keywords then the advertising cost rises. If you have a domain that contains these keywords then normally the price should be higher (exact match of keywords is pricier).

Overall Potential as a Brand Name

If a domain name is an imaginary word still can have a good value. The thing you need to consider is how long it is if you can pronounce easily and only with one way, sounds nice and it doesn’t refer to some nasty or bad meaning.

Of course, this kind of assessment can’t be 100% objective but at least you can have some key points to check against and ask feedback from others too.


There is some connection between the length of a domain name and its value. Shorter domains are easier to remember, they can be used to represent initials, they are rarer and faster to type for users.

How Do I Know If My Domain Is Valuable?

Firstly you need to know that there is not an absolute way to estimate a domain name’s value exactly. What you can do is to check against the previous factors I mentioned (extension, age, traffic, links, industry, length) and some other suggestions that I will mention now.

Domains that contain additional words or articles before or after the keywords decrease the value a lot. For example the domain worth much more than

A good rule of thumb is to check previous sales of similar domains. You can visit that site for more information about recorded domain name sales you see as selling prices if you visit different domain marketplaces can’t be considered as a good reference point since many domain name owners set the prices too high.

The domain valuation tools usually don’t provide so good results and I believe that previous recorded sales and some common sense can evaluate better the price of a domain.

What are the most expensive domains?

Here is a table from namebio website with the top 100 domain names sales of all time.


voice.com30,000,000 USD2019-05-30Private
sex.com14,000,000 USD2005-01-01Private
sex.com13,000,000 USD2010-11-24Sedo
fund.com9,999,950 USD2008-03-11Private
porn.com9,500,000 USD2007-06-05Moniker
porno.com8,888,888 USD2015-02-04Private
fb.com8,500,000 USD2010-01-01Private
we.com8,000,000 USD2015-06-19Private
diamond.com7,500,000 USD2006-05-23Private
beer.com7,000,000 USD2004-01-01Private
z.com6,784,000 USD2014-12-03Private
slots.com5,500,000 USD2010-06-04Moniker
casino.com5,500,000 USD2003-11-01Private
toys.com5,100,000 USD2009-03-01Private
korea.com5,000,000 USD2000-01-01Private
asseenontv.com5,000,000 USD2000-01-01Private
clothes.com4,900,000 USD2008-05-01Private
ig.com4,700,000 USD2013-09-18Igloo/Marcus Kocak
yp.com3,850,000 USD2008-01-01Private
hg.com3,770,000 USD2016-11-27Private
mi.com3,600,000 USD2014-04-30Private
ice.com3,500,000 USD2018-07-06Grit Brokerage
shop.com3,500,000 USD2003-11-01Private
wine.com3,300,000 USD2003-09-01Private
altavista.com3,250,000 USD1999-04-01Private
software.com3,200,000 USD2005-12-01Private
whisky.com3,100,000 USD2014-03-12Castello Brothers
california.com3,000,000 USD2019-01-20VIPBrokerage
sex.xxx3,000,000 USD2014-06-11ICM Registry
candy.com3,000,000 USD2009-06-10Private
vodka.com3,000,000 USD2006-12-20Sedo
loans.com3,000,000 USD2000-01-01Private
wines.com2,900,000 USD2004-07-01Private
fly.com2,890,000 USD2017-04-04Private
creditcards.com2,750,000 USD2000-02-01Private
pizza.com2,605,000 USD2008-04-03Sedo
gambling.com2,500,000 USD2011-05-04Sedo
tom.com2,500,000 USD1999-12-01Private
investing.com2,450,000 USD2012-12-19Private
youxi.com2,430,000 USD2014-03-12Private
kk.com2,400,000 USD2013-11-20SnapNames
pharmacy.com2,300,000 USD2008-11-27DigitalDNA
coupons.com2,200,000 USD2000-01-01Private
autos.com2,200,000 USD1999-12-01Private
vivo.com2,100,000 USD2016-09-02Private
114.com2,100,000 USD2013-07-17Private
computer.com2,100,000 USD2007-12-05T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
zoom.com2,000,000 USD2018-12-14MediaOptions
eth.com2,000,000 USD2017-10-22Sharjil Saleem
freedom.com2,000,000 USD2017-05-21Starfire Holdings
express.com2,000,000 USD2000-03-01Private
telephone.com2,000,000 USD2000-01-01Private
england.com2,000,000 USD1999-12-01Private
37.com1,960,800 USD2014-03-19Private
savings.com1,900,000 USD2003-02-01Private
01.com1,820,000 USD2017-01-29VIP Brokerage
seniors.com1,800,000 USD2007-07-10T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
mortgage.com1,800,000 USD2000-03-01Private
fly.com1,760,000 USD2009-02-10Sedo
20.com1,750,000 USD2017-04-16NameExperts
dating.com1,750,000 USD2010-06-16Moniker
auction.com1,700,000 USD2009-03-27Private
datarecovery.com1,659,000 USD2008-03-05Private
branson.com1,600,000 USD2006-06-01Private
ticket.com1,525,000 USD2009-10-16Afternic
eko.com1,500,000 USD2019-10-20Uniregistry
russia.com1,500,000 USD2009-12-02Sedo
tandberg.com1,500,000 USD2007-02-13Private
cameras.com1,500,000 USD2006-11-07T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
marketingtoday.com1,500,000 USD2005-09-01Private
deposit.com1,500,000 USD2000-02-01Private
fly.com1,500,000 USD1999-11-01Private
vip.com1,400,000 USD2003-12-01Private
ebet.com1,350,000 USD2013-10-23Private
men.com1,320,000 USD2000-02-01Private
power.com1,261,000 USD2014-11-19Scott Smith/ WebsiteProperties
tm.com1,250,000 USD2019-11-14VIP Brokerage
jade.com1,250,000 USD2016-02-29Private
photo.com1,250,000 USD2010-05-06Moniker
vista.com1,250,000 USD2007-11-14Private
feedback.com1,230,000 USD2003-02-01Private
super.com1,200,000 USD2018-02-26NameJet
myworld.com1,200,000 USD2017-10-08GetYourDomain
la.com1,200,000 USD2016-05-08Private
mm.com1,200,000 USD2014-06-23Sedo
find.com1,200,000 USD2004-03-01Private
phone.com1,200,000 USD2003-02-01Private
scores.com1,180,000 USD2007-06-12Moniker
kredit.de1,169,175 USD2008-12-02Sedo
dxl.com1,150,000 USD2018-12-23Pvt Sale
chinese.com1,120,008 USD2007-07-31Sedo
flying.com1,100,000 USD2010-04-08Private
call.com1,100,000 USD2009-09-02Sedo
mercury.com1,100,000 USD2000-01-01Private
bingo.com1,100,000 USD1999-04-01Private,099,798 USD2008-02-12Private,099,798 USD2008-02-06Private
zip.com1,058,830 USD2010-10-28SnapNames
wallstreet.com1,030,000 USD2005-07-01Private
webcam.com1,020,000 USD2009-06-10Rick Latona